On December 12th 2019, Trabe Association organized the workshop “Accompanying in judicial proceedings to women-victim of crime” within the framework of the European project “Justice for Women – Towards a more effective rights protection and access to judicial procedures for victims of crimes”.

The event was attended by 30 participants – lawyers, police officers, prosecutors, social workers and other professionals who work in care centers, shelters, health centers, such as: educators, nurses, psychologists, etc., representing different entities such as Attorney General, Police National, law firms, foundation of lawyers, public resources for women, health centers in Madrid, etc.

Topics debated at the event:

  • Psychological trauma and consequences for the woman – victim / injured party in the criminal trial.
  • Relevance of forensic reports & psychological reports in the assessment of physical and mental suffering and in granting financial compensation
  • Empathic communication with women-victim of crime, in the criminal proceedings. Victims with different cultural/educational/ethnic background. Modalities of interviewing victims.
  • Case studies and keys in judicial proceedings with women-victim of crime and how to have an empathic communication.

Agenda Workshop Madrid Spain