A joint experts meeting was organized in Madrid, on 10 May 2019. The event organizer was Association Trabe Iniciativas para la Economia Social y Solidaria. At the event attended participants from Romania, Spain, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria. A total of 18 persons from coordinator and partners organizations as well as representatives of several Spanish stakeholders. Participants’ professional profile: lawyers, director of law program, legal and policy officer, project coordinators, social workers and psychologists with expertise in assistance of women victims of violence, migration and human rights consultants.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss, exchange information on the existing legal framework and practices concerning financial compensation granted to victims, difficulties encountered by victims when requesting compensation for moral and material damages. Also participants used the event to agree on the publication’s content that will be developed as part of work-package 3, the guide on indicators and standards to evaluate the damages, ensuring equitable compensation for women victims of crimes.

D3.1. Agenda joint legal experts Madrid

D3.1. Minute Report Meeting Madrid 10 May 2019

Romania Presentation

Spain Presentation

Bulgaria Presentation

Italy Presentation

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